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Epson Stylus Photo 1290

PrintFab - -
(multifunction devices: only printer unit is supported, not scanner unit)

Epson Stylus Photo 1290 - - printer driver features

PrintFab LicensePrintFab Home L / PrintFab Pro
Printer supported since PrintFab version2.07
Color profiles includedPlain paper, Inkjet Paper, Epson Inkjet Paper, Epson Matte Heavy, Epson Photo Glossy, Epson Premium Glossy, Epson Glossy Film, Transparency, Epson Archival Matte, Kodak Premium, Ilford Smooth, Ilford Classic, Tetenal PhotoQuality Glossy/Matte, Zedonet PhotoGlossy 150g
Color managementsupported, extensible with user profiles
Color profile administrationyes
Print quality120dpi, 360dpi, 360dpi fine, 720dpi, 1440dpi, 2880dpi
Automatic duplex-
Roll paper support-
Roll paper cutter-
Max. print size32.89 x 111.76cm / 12.95 x 44.00"
license PrintFab Home L / PrintFab Pro required to use the maximum print size
Printer ToolboxInk level display, Nozzle test print, Print head cleaning, Print head alignment, Test page

Download softproof ICC files for color profiles included with driver

Paper ICC softproof profile (1)
Plain paper Download
Inkjet paper Download
Epson Inkjet Paper Download
Epson Matte Heavy Download
Epson Photo Glossy Download
Epson Premium Glossy Download
Epson Glossy Film Download
Epson Archival Matte Download
Kodak Premium Download
Ilford Smooth Download
Ilford Classic Download
Tetenal PhotoQuality Glossy/Matte Download
Zedonet PhotoGlossy 150g Download

(1) This profile is meant only for soft proofing (simulating printed colors on a computer screen). Do not use this ICC profile as a print profile in your application.

Download color profiles for additional print media

Paper ManufacturerPaper
Avery ZweckformHG 6961
Double APlain
EFIBudget Proof Paper Semimatt 3170
EFIGravure Proof 4245 Semimatt
EfiOffset 9200 semimatt
EpsonPhoto Quality Inkjet Paper
EurojetSemimatt 150g
IlfordOmnijet 254g
JetAdvanced Office Paper
LomondGlossy Photo Inkjet Paper
Papier DirektPD 720

Download color profiles for compatible ink

Ink ManufacturerInk Paper ManufacturerPaper
Arici Group Universal SihlIJ Quick Dry Photo 280 Glossy
Druckmich Compatible SigelInkjet Paper Matt Coated 95g
iColor Compatible RoemerturmPaparazzo
InkSwiss Compatible IgepaContijet 170g
JetTec JetTec EFI / BestProof Paper 5150 glossy
Pelikan Compatible EpsonMatte Heavyweight