Copyright: TurboPrint for Linux is copyright (c) ZEDOnet GmbH, Sedanstrasse 8, 87600 Kaufbeuren, Germany. All rights reserved. You may not distribute the program files by any means, e.g. on WEB servers, CDs, Linux distributions, etc. without the prior written consent of ZEDOnet GmbH.

1. Download

TurboPrint 2.49-1 for Linux (24 MB)
trial version - convert to full version with license keyfile

Choose your Linux distribution and architecture. Then click the red button to download TurboPrint.

Download from backup server

2. Installation / Update

.deb - Package (Debian / Ubuntu)

Ubuntu 16.04 currently does not install .deb packages - please install "GDebi" first and open the TurboPrint package with GDebi (see below).

Double click on the TurboPrint download file to start software installation (Ubuntu 16.04: right mouse button click -> "Open with gdebi package installer").

Alternative installation from a "Terminal" window - enter the command

 sudo dpkg -i turboprint_2.49-1_i386.deb

(the download file must be present in the current directory or you can specify the full file path)

3. Add your printer

Open the TurboPrint control center with the "TurboPrint Control" icon (or from a "Terminal" window by entering "turboprint").
Then press the button "+" to open the "Add printer" dialog and choose your printer in the list of printer ports and check if the correct driver has been selected.
Finally you can print a test page to verify correct installation of TurboPrint.

HTML online documentation is included in the download, a PDF manual is also available: PDF manual for TurboPrint 2


System requirements: Computer with Linux distribution for Intel/AMD CPU, printer supported by TurboPrint. TurboPrint requires the GTK+ 2.0 libraries to be installed which should be present on all current Linux distributions.

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