Customer Opinions - TurboPrint

Stefan S., Photographer

I am very happy with the printouts with TurboPrint from Linux. The colors are bright and clear on my Epson Pro 3880 printer. It is a real pleasure!

Hartmut G.

With TurboPrint, it has worked from the beginning immediately smoothly to set up and use my Canon Pixma iX7000 under various Linux derivatives. And even now, on my first installation of Linux Mint Cinamon, after many long unsuccessful setup attempts with Mint Printer Tool, it was not until I installed my proven TurboPrint that I was able to use my two Canon iX7000 printers and the new HP Color LaserJet MFP M277dw with lightning speed. TurboPrint's online help is very useful and effective. Many Thanks!

Georg S.

I use TurboPrint since today with a Canon TS8150, after my old MG7550 simply did not want work anymore. With TurboPrint, I can easily print CDs and use some additional features that the Canon driver unfortunately does not offer. Previously, I had a MG7550 in use and that also worked great. In this sense, many thanks to the entire team and please keep it up!

Wolfgang L.

I use TurboPrint on Ubuntu Linux. I really like the driver. It is the best printer driver that I could set up on my many PCs (Windows drivers included!). Only for scanning with my multifunction printer I have to use another program, but that's OK.

Anthony N.

I've just purchased a key for TurboPrint for Linux. I downloaded the free trial and after an hour of use I knew it was worth the money! It feels, for the first time in years, that I'm really getting the full use out of my printer. Thank you for an excellent app at a very reasonable price.

Simone I.

Previously, I had installed my HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M281 via Generic Postscript, which delivered an approximately 85% satisfactory print result. But with the recommended TurboPrint driver, I now have 100%! The day is saved, and also the decision to buy this printer :-)

Arne S.

I use TurboPrint with a Canon Maxify MB 2150. Great driver! Better quality than the manufacturer's own Windows drivers! I recommend to any Linux user among my friends, no one has ever regretted spending the money.

William T., Photographer

Received the profile and printed 4 challenging images with my Canon iP7250 printer - completely delighted with the results, thank you!!!

Stephan K.

Now that my old printer is running well with cheap paper and cheap refill ink, the color profile has really made sure that I can print color-accurate photos at home for little money. Great thing, I would always do this again after changing of ink or paper. Saves time and test prints to calibrate the printer.

Stefan G.

Many thanks for your effort! Your quick response and commitment build confidence in your proprietary software :-)) Thank you for your work on the development of the printer driver, which, according to my recent research on quality (for Linux), is unique, making practical use of Linux in desktops for ordinary users a very big step forward in everyday life.

Jörg W.

I wanted to tell you that I've never seen such a fancy, comprehensive and perfect-to-use printer driver as TurboPrint for my Canon printer! It is fabulous (especially for someone like me switching from Windows to Linux who is not technically knowledgeable in every detail and the standard printer driver under Kubuntu is rather stupid!). The cost of your software is really worth it!

Pierre C.

Thanks for your necessary software! TurboPrint is totally efficient with Ubuntu Linux, all my Epson printer's features are functioning, the driver works like in Windows! Good color results. I will test your software with some other printers for one month. Many thanks for your good work - I'll be one of your customers.

Gernold M.

I am very satisfied with TurboPrint. Had my first TurboPrint installed on an Amiga in the '90s, since then the different versions have never let me down. This affordable program runs absolutely stable, bug fixes are provided quickly and the impressive print quality plays in a completely different league compared to the original Linux driver. It would be nice if software in general would provide the same high quality as your product.

Robert S.

I am super happy with the customer service, super fast, always a solution at hand and super friendly. I have to say that the money for the 2 years update was worth it - a thousandfold thanks!

Matthias S.

I've extensively tested TurboPrint with the color profile you created on Gimp 2.6, Photoshopelements 7, and Lightroom 3, each with sRGB and Adobe RGB. The result is each without any color cast. I'm very satisfied.

Paul M., IT Service

You provide a superb product & for just about every printer imaginable. With TurboPrint I have the opportunity to provide printing options to many diverse users in many environments (I have serviced users on four different continents) and your company has never disappointed. I will surely continue to recommend this excellent product put forth by people who obviously and clearly care about what they do. How incredibly refreshing!

Andreas K.

I just bought an HP Photosmart Pro B9180 for your driver. I purchased Turbo Print Studio from you because I wanted to have a professional printing environment. Now I have also bought the original HP Advanced Photo Paper. I have to say, even without having measured with a colorimeter, everything is color consistent. I am impressed! Again a big compliment to the developers who know what they are doing. The price is absolutely justified. RIP software from other manufacturers costs much more and does not work better. So thank you, that completes my image processing including CMM on SuSE Linux. I now have a system that works just as well as a Mac.

René B., Photographer

TurboPrint is simply incredible. It is so much better than what the Windows driver offers. I frequent a number of photographers forums and many use Linux/Gimp for their image editing. I'm going to be sure to spread the merits of using TurboPrint 2 Pro. The image I just printed using TurboPrint exceeded what I'd get from Windows with absolutely no adjustments. It's an image that came straight out of my camera and the color and skin tones are right on. Thank you so much for such a fine product.

Karlfried M.

I have been using my Ubuntu Linux system for some time and have just purchased your printer driver for the Canon Pixma iP 4300 printer. I have to say, very convincing. I have compared the print results - Photoshop Elements on Windows with those of Gimp on Ubuntu - and can see clear differences: The TurboPrint software prints the colors more lifelike, whereas the colors in the Canon software tend to be somewhat exaggerated (yellow and green).

Kurt H.

TurboPrint is the only non-free software that I use on my computer, but it's worth every penny and I recommend it to any other Linux user I know. As long as I use Linux, I plan to be a user of the Turboprint software, so keep it up!