Fields of application

Proofs and pre-press


For professional requirements, PrintFab works like a RIP software (Raster Image Processor) and offers a CMYK proof mode for printing color-separated documents (including Postscript and PDF) with accurate colors. Using PrintFab's dynamic color profiles even the black channel of the source document can preserved, thus gray tones can be reproduced more exactly.

With the PrintFab Pro version, Postscript and PDF documents can be printed as "proof". Provided that you are using an individual color profile for your printer - created by our profiling service or with your own ICC profile equipment - all document colors are reproduced exactly as specified by the document color space (e.g. Fogra ISO Coated). With a suitable printer and paper even the tight  tolerances required by FOGRA can be met. If you add a color control strip to your document you can certify your printout as a "contract proof" (for certification a spectrophotometer and suitable evaluation software are required).

Choose for which illumination your printout shall be optimized (e.g. D50 standard  light), wether to preserve the black channel of the source document (more neutral grey) or if lighter shades of grey are printed by mixing primary colors (less visible grain).

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