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Canon S4500

PrintFab - -
(multifunction devices: only printer unit is supported, not scanner unit)

Canon S4500 - - printer driver features

PrintFab LicensePrintFab Home L / PrintFab Pro
Printer supported since PrintFab version2.07
Color profiles includedPlain paper, Inkjet paper, Transparent CF, Backprint BF, Textile FS, Glossy GP, Highgloss HG, Highres HR
Color managementsupported, extensible with user profiles
Color profile administrationyes
Print quality180dpi, 360dpi, 360dpi+Drop Mod., 720dpi, 1440dpi
Automatic duplex-
Roll paper support-
Roll paper cutter-
Max. print size32.90 x 58.42cm / 12.95 x 23.00"
license PrintFab Home L / PrintFab Pro required to use the maximum print size
Printer ToolboxInk level display, Nozzle test print, Print head cleaning, Print head alignment, Test page

Download color profiles for compatible ink

Ink ManufacturerInk Paper ManufacturerPaper
Compedo Big Tank CanonHR-101N
Compedo Big Tank MondiBusiness Paper IQ Ideal Quality